Executive Coaching

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Making step changes towards an even more fulfilling and impactful life at work.

I draw inspiration from what neuroscience tells us about how our brains and nervous systems are wired and how they can adapt. I enjoy supporting executive coaching clients to deepen and leverage this awareness to create lasting change for you and for your organisation.

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Every executive coaching client is different, but here are some of the common topics they bring to the table:


Stepping away from the operational and into the strategic


Nurturing a healthy team and organisational culture


Leading change and transition


Talking less, listening more


Navigating complexity and conflict


Proactively managing staff accountability and performance


Becoming a confident speaker, presenter or media spokesperson


Career development and succession planning


Strengthening personal and leadership resilience


Fostering innovation and disrupting black and white thinking

Client Stories

Sam Wolthuis

Vice-President Global Operations
Resolve To Save Lives

Josef has helped me to develop both strategic thinking and management best practice especially as I manage staff who have extensive experience leading global teams around the world. Josef asks great questions and helps me think outside the box. He is intuitive, collaborative and kind and he doesn’t give you the answers but asks the right questions so that you can get to the answers yourself.

Executive Coaching

Karen Rodgers

Learning & Capability Development Business Partner
Clean Energy Council

I found our sessions extremely energising and motivating; they helped me clarify my priorities and thinking. Coaching has really changed the way I work – it’s helped me be more thoughtful, strategic and confident and it’s given me tools that I can use when I hit roadblocks. Josef coaches with calmness, curiosity and real care and it feels like a partnership. It really was one of the most empowering experiences and I’m grateful to have worked with Josef when I really needed it.

Executive Coaching

Khoi Cao-Lam

Director Capability & Impact
Oxfam Australia

Josef helped me manage the expectations of my role and what it meant to be an executive in difficult times, forging my own executive identity. He challenged me on my blind spots and helped me to get out of my comfort zone. He has a terrific sense of humour, I feel incredibly comfortable sharing with him the trickiest, thorniest, most vulnerable situations in my professional life.

Executive Coaching