High individual performance by one person in a team doesn’t necessarily lead to high performance overall – sometimes the opposite is the case.

As I’m sure we’ve all experienced, teams often function as a group of individuals, rather than a group who can only achieve great things by working together.  A team coaching approach to team development deepens connections and trust between team members, strengthens your team’s processes and maximises your collective performance.

Is your team ready to start thinking about what it can do better together?




My team coaching clients recognise the importance of harnessing their team’s collective expertise, energy and wisdom to navigate the increasingly complex and uncertain world in which we all operate.  In team coaching, we work towards creating an environment where team members routinely put the team priorities ahead of the priorities of their own portfolio.


Team members learn to share concerns and fears openly.  You and your colleagues will deepen your understanding and value of the contributions each of you can make when you’re showing up at your best and explore how to support each other to play to these strengths.  Sessions focusing on team culture and shared purpose can help your team evolve in line with your changing environment, building collective resilience to the inevitable challenges of leading an organisation and its people.


Rather than becoming dependent on me as the team’s coach, I’ll support your team to develop its own reflective practice, so that you embed the ability to learn and adapt together way beyond your work with me.

Client Stories

Peter Orchard

Canteen Australia

The work Josef did with us was significant. The process allowed us to understand more deeply the things that were important to us individually and collectively. We came out of it as a much stronger team with greater clarity about our shared purpose and a much greater sense of how we can build a really strong future for the organisation.

Team Coaching

Lyn Morgain

Chief Executive
Oxfam Australia

I credit Josef’s support for our team which came at a time when we were a newly-formed executive team developing a framework for ourselves – Josef supported us to make that a great framework. The thing I most appreciate about Josef’s approach is that it is wholly strengths-based, which is really important when team members, myself included, are working through complex issues with themselves and with others.

Team Coaching